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Current Opportunities

Emission Solutions

Emission Solutions

EMSOL empowers organisations to take steps every day to make a lasting difference in reducing transport pollution.

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What’sInStore is the smart way to buy and sell where anyone can earn a commission on products that they promote from the What’sInStore website.


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Accunea addresses the disparity of available organ transplants and reduces the number of deaths due to increasing waiting list times.  

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We are Shadow Foundr.

Shadow Foundr is an FCA-regulated investment platform that gives everyone the opportunity to share in the success of exceptional, disruptive companies and allows businesses to raise valuable growth capital through both their own networks and our established investor community. We are sector-agnostic, with a focus on high growth, innovative and scalable early-stage companies. With a private network of highly experienced professional investors, co-funding collaborations and access to follow on funding through close associations with Family Offices and other institutions, Shadow Foundr has raised tens of millions of pounds for early-stage, high-growth businesses, to become one of the UK’s leading Funding Platforms.

How Shadow Foundr Works

Our model is simple, aligning the goals of founders with those of our investors. Our platform facilitates companies and investors through the entire funding journey, from seed to exit.

All companies onboard to a private round initially, where they are encouraged to inject their own funds and access their own networks before we open them up to our established investor community on our platform. In this way, our investors and co-funding partners, can invest knowing the founders already have ‘skin in the game’.

We stay fully engaged with our investee companies and our investors throughout the journey, as we continue to work on follow-on funding opportunities to position our companies and our investors for profitable exit opportunities.

Founders we’ve shadowed

Developing a series of hyperscale, fully licensed data centre campuses in key locations across China.

Delivering affordable, low carbon renewable energy solutions for local communities across the globe.

Developing linear generator and free piston technology for power generation, waste heat recovery and energy storage applications.

The world’s leading designer of intrinsically safe, lost cost nuclear reactors, aiming to completely transform the world’s energy market.

A technology agnostic partner for local renewable energy projects.

A socially minded Biotech with the explicit vision of developing The World’s 1st Cell Therapy to destroy all solid tumours.

Using cloud technology to provide bespoke spreadsheet solutions and simultaneous multi-user functionality, enabling one version of the truth for large companies.

Revolutionising the video ad supply chain with a data-driven advertising delivery platform designed to enable the future of programmatic TV advertising.